Book Review: Make it Stick

10 second summary Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning by Henry Roediger tells us why the study strategy we have been taught and employed is wrong and what to do instead. Everything he presents is backed by scientific research and academic papers. Why this book is important At some point everyone will haveContinue reading “Book Review: Make it Stick”

Why you shouldn’t call you side hustle a side hustle

For the last few months I have embarked on pursuing a number of “side hustles” to gain more financial freedom and broaden my resume and skill set. Now, whilst I thoroughly enjoy my side hustles and see the value they can bring into my life (financial and otherwise) I do take issue with the phraseContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t call you side hustle a side hustle”

My favourite productivity book

I have read a lot of books on productivity and habit creation and most of them leave me disappointed as they just rehash the same advice that never really works (at least not for me). That is until I found Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith. The thing that I found most useful from this book isContinue reading “My favourite productivity book”

How to pick a major – when you have no idea what to do

For someone who hasn’t quite decided what they want to be when they grow up, picking a major and subjects at university can be daunting. Some degrees it is quite simple, there are only a few majors (if any) to choose from, but if you are studying a subject like science or arts (or inContinue reading “How to pick a major – when you have no idea what to do”

How to (actually) study – what I wish I knew in school

On my final day in the Netherlands before moving to America I took my beloved bike and rode around the town. For the first time in two years I crossed the Rhine and explored the other side of the village, I rode through a magical forest discovering many new villages and paths. This experience wasContinue reading “How to (actually) study – what I wish I knew in school”

Deep Work by Cal Newport

I first came across Cal Newport’s work with his book So Good They Can’t Ignore You which argues that it is better to follow what you are good at and build up career capital to leverage later to do what you enjoy, rather than following your passions. I love this approach so when Cal cameContinue reading “Deep Work by Cal Newport”

Teach English online to students in China

In 2019 I returned to Australia after completing a Masters degree and had a few months with no plans before I was meant to travel to China to continue studying (little did I know that those plans would drastically change). In order to make some money in this break and keep myself busy I startedContinue reading “Teach English online to students in China”

The book that made me start this blog

I read a lot of books each year on productivity and entrepreneurship but I can firmly say that the book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon is the best read for those starting out in business. The premise behind the book is simple – whatever you are doing, do it in public and show whatContinue reading “The book that made me start this blog”