GAMSAT Tutoring

Let’s face it, the GAMSAT is not fun. It is stressful, confusing, and expensive. After achieving high marks in section 1 and 2, I am trying to make the GAMSAT slightly less painful for future students.

YouTube videos on Section 1 and 2:

These videos cover the S1 ACER practice questions along with general tips and strategies for S1 and S2. I started uploading in July 2021, I am hopeful I can cover 90% of the content by the September 2021 exam.

Individual GAMSAT tutoring for section 2:

I scored in the 95th percentile in S1 and the 99th percentile in S2 in March 2021 and am offering tutoring to help you score a high mark as well!

My rates are $50 for a one hour session with a $100 discount if you book 10 sessions making the rate $40 for a one hour session.

If you just need section 2 essay marking I charge $25 per essay.

Please contact me at if you are interested in tutoring.

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